Sunday, April 3, 2016

The feel and the look

There is a certain feel and a certain look when I pick up a stone and when I just know this is a figure stone. It's about the way it feels in the hand, the weight of it, if it has curves, some pummeling, some cuts, some holes. Like this one. It's interesting that in some way the cuts, etc.. were more visible than when washed. The stone covered with dirt was like a black and white painting with the texture seen with the different values. But anyway here it is with some of its companions. And here washed. Could it be some animal with a large mouth or on the other side an animal eating another?


I have just started to pay attention to lines. These 3 stones kind of pushed me into it. The lines are going against the grain of the stone. Some lines stop abruptly and some intersect. One could think at first sight that these were made to help start a cut to make a tool just like scoring a piece of thick glass before cutting it. And it could be. At the same time there are other tings going on next to those cuts that imply that there is another intent. It will take time to find out. I've already seen one little face in these crevasses. (see bottom middle).

New birds on the block

Jean-Paul's girlfriend?

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It might come with the microliths

...the context, the situation of these stones and what they mean. I am more and more fascinated with them. While some of them look pretty straight as tools when their point is very sharp, others do look like birds with the curve of the head or the hint of a wing ( see those on the right of the picture). As I observe the different mixes of stones, there are some constants like the next 2 pictures. This a new category that I had taken for refuse so far, but there is a constant in the shape and size of small cubes with several sides.

Monday, March 21, 2016

A mouth

When there is a line carved in like the one on the left, this can very well be the way to show a mouth or a snout or a beak. On the top of this stone, there are 2 birds facing right with tiny holes for an eye and tiny beaks delineated.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The edge

The edge of the stone here is not used for scraping but for "artwork". I hope I can convey somewhat with this profile how 2 heads are interlocked- the mouth of the top one being used for the eye of the lower one. The mouth has been chipped off, it's a tiny chip. The rest of the profile is done with very little cuts. When you've seen it once you can see it on many stones. This use of the edges of a stone is seen repeatedly and in very creative ways.